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31 march
hair extensions

Famous celebrities do it every other day. You see them with new and different hairstyles, colour changes, and surprising new lengths.What’s the secret?

They use great quality, long lasting hair extensions applied by a talented stylist.Have you ever wondered what you’d be like with longer, thicker hair?

Hair extensions are extremely popular because you can take your current look and make it any style you desire. Then change again in a few months to suit your mood or the season.For many of our clients, it’s the only way to get the length of hair they desire.Hair extensions don’t only add length to your hair, they also add volume.

That’s perfect if you have fine or thinning hair.You can also add highlights or a range of different colours to your hair extension.The best news is the process is painless.Here at Trumps Hair and Beauty we proudly use Great Lengths Hair Extensions.The Great Lengths synthesized keratin bond mimics your hair’s structure by expanding and contracting with your hair shaft.

It’s a superior product to other systems that use wax, metal or other hard compound hair extension bonds that do not flex when your hair is wet.You can choose from 50 colour shades to match or radically change the colour of your hair.Our stylists ensure that your hair extensions are virtually invisible.

Looking after your hair requires little maintenance, though it’s important to brush your hair every day.With a little care, you can wear your hair up or down, go swimming and be active. There is no need to change your busy lifestyle.

Want to know how hair extensions can transform your look? Let’s have a conversation, come in and one of the team will discuss the best options for you and your hair.